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Meet The Teal Trailer Team!

One day, Tiffany called Rachel from her dental desk job and said “I want to build and sell birdhouses”. That was the beginning of a birdhouse building adventure. Tiffany built hundreds of birdhouses and showed up at every major craft event in central Texas for a few years, to set up her 10 X 10 booth.

As Tiffany and Rachel drove to these craft shows, they hauled their business in a trailer that Tiffany had painted teal. When it was time to open a brick and mortar shop, Tiffany named it The Teal Trailer after the iconic trailer that served as the foundation of her business when she started. Everyone always said they knew Tiffany was at the show because they saw her Teal Trailer nearby.

Tiffany’s passion for creating homes is deeply rooted in her experiences as a teen Mom, raising up her daughter, Abigail, in a world where rent prices forced her to move almost annually to keep rent affordable. Her vision to create homes grew from birdhouses, to dollhouses, and now to re-finishing furniture. She makes business decisions from her heart and campaigned to help rebuild and support the coast after Hurricane Harvey. She continues to support local charities and businesses in her endeavors.

Tiffany is the epitome of your charming Southern shop owner, serving her customers to supply their homes with fine refinished furniture at a price families can afford. Her love for picking, junk restoration, and collecting gorgeous and unique finds is conveyed throughout her shop.

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