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Custom Refinishing Fees

If you have a vision for your piece, then I'd love to help you make that vision come true! Check out my prices below. If you don't see the fee for your piece, then please feel free to message, call, or e-mail me. Please include the measurements and photos of your piece with a complete description of your vision. Please allow 1-3 days for your quote. I look forward to hearing from you!

The base fee is the where the pricing starts. The base fee covers the cleaning, sanding, Dixie Belle Paint, and top coat. Any additional work done to the piece is an add on fee on top of the base fee. These are additional services like distressing the piece, adding wax, transfers, having the hardware painted, or new hardware holes drilled. If you have a particular brand or custom color paint you would like used on your piece, then you must supply me with the paint (water-based only). If you supply your own paint, the base fee does not change. I work exclusively with Dixie Belle Paint products, and I sell Dixie Belle Products in the shop. Please see the selection of Dixie Belle colors below or you can see them in person at the shop. I try and keep all the products in stock, but I may have to order products before I can start your piece. If I have to order the products, it will add more time to the completion of your piece. If you know which Dixie Belle color you would like me to use, please let me know. I will immediately place an order for your products if I'm out of stock. Please reach out if you have any concerns or questions. 

New Dixie Belle Paint color sheet.webp

*China Cabinets Start at $400

*Hutches Start at $400

*Dining Tables without Chairs Start at $400

*Dining Chairs Start at $75 each

*Chest of Drawers Start at $200

*Triple or Long Dressers Start at $300

*Buffets or Sideboards Start at $300

*Accent Tables or Side Tables Start at $100

*Bookcases Start at $200

*Headboards & Footboards Start at $400

The chart below is an example of how I do my pricing. The prices listed above are the starting prices, the price increases depending on what your vision for your piece is. After I have received photos, measurements and a description of your vision then I can give you a quote for your piece. 


This will create an aged or weathered look. This is done by sanding off the paint along the edges of the piece, exposing the wood underneath. Great for Farmhouse and Cottage Style!


*This fee is added to the base fee


Furniture transfers add images to the piece. There are multiple designs and styles to choose from.

Cost of the Transfer

plus $40 

*This fee is added to the base fee

Veneer Repair

I do not offer veneer replacement. I use fillers and other products to fix and prepare the surface prior to painting. I will need to see photos of the veneer damage to determine the severity and the technique required to fix it.   


Fee is for filler only, not veneer removal

*This fee is added to the base fee

Interior Cabinet Painting

I can sand and paint the interior of your piece or the insides of the drawers. For example, painting the inside of a china cabinet or hutch to match the exterior or with another accent color.


*This fee is added to the base fee


I do not provide hardware. I can paint the existing hardware or fill old hardware holes. I will drill new holes if you provide me with the hardware you want on your piece. New hardware must be installed prior to painting the piece. 

Painting Hardware  $25

Adding New Hardware $50

*This fee is added to the base fee

Color Wax 

Wax will add highlights to the curves and crevices on the piece. Great for adding depth to doors and highlighting any details.

*Black *Gray *Brown *White


*This fee is added to the base fee

Water Proof Top Coat

3 coats of Dixie Belles Gator Hide Clear Coat. This is great for nightstands and accent tables where beverages may be placed. 

$50 top

$75 for entire piece

*This fee is added to the base fee

All Stain, No Paint

I will have to see photos of the piece to determine if the goal is achievable. This process requires an incredible amount of time and tedious detail sanding.


Depends on size and detail of the piece

*This fee is added to the base fee

Legs, Feet, or Castors

I can add legs, feet, or castors (wheels) to your piece. This can add character, height, and more functionality to a piece. You must supply me with the legs, feet, or castors. 


(includes painting if needed)

*This fee is added to the base fee

Paint Blending

This is the process of using multiple paint colors to taper the colors carefully to create an ombre or gradient appearance.

        Up to 48 in. long $250                     48 in. long to 70 in. long $450

*This fee is added to the base fee

Rush Fee

I will give you an estimated completion time for your piece. If you need your piece returned back to you sooner, then I will come in on my off days to work on your piece. This will also depend on logistics, weather, and dry times.


*This fee is added to the base fee

Seat Cushions

I do not offer upholstery services. I can wrap seat cushions and staple on the fabric to recover a dining chair seat. You must provide me with the fabric.

Single Seat Cushion $50

plus $25 for each additional cushion

*This fee is added to the base fee

Chicken Wire

I can remove glass in cabinets or hutches and add chicken wire. This is great for replacing missing glass or creating a farmhouse & cottage style look.

Each Door $25

*This fee is added to the base fee

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